Support & Repairs

Swift Computer repairs
IT4KC Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri offers convenient contracts for computer repairs of all kinds. These services are tailored to fit the needs of any small business and are perfect for consistent maintenance as well as necessary fixes.

Service Contracts
There are several different plans, from virus and spyware prevention to quarterly cleanups, our 24/7 monitoring software will alert us as soon as an issue arises. We also complete regular backups, creating a documentation binder in case information needs to be restored. Depending on your business’s setup our crew will determine an hours-per-month contract that you find agreeable.

Software Support
Help your computers run better and more secure with thorough virus scans executed on a regular basis. Through this service, which is part of our monthly service plan, clients data is secured, and anti-virus software is kept up to date. Don’t expose your business to the devastating effects of a virus.

Contact our team in Kansas City, Missouri for computer repairs and constant maintenance